UPDATE 06 MAY 2020. While we are finally able to dispatch again, the shipping rates are really high. While we are taking all orders, it is understandable that small orders right now make little sense, it's better to order larger quantities since prices are so high. They will slowly roll-back in a few weeks and if you can wait, you should, to be able to get reasonable (or free) shipping rates. Also, phone/whatsapp support is live again!

UPDATE 20th April 2020. Another major setback. We will not be able to dispatch post 20th April 2020 like we were supposed to be able to. Sorry. But we are trying to pull a few strings and see if it can be done. Again, very sorry about the trouble. We'll keep you posted. Keep safe!

UPDATE 17th April 2020. You have waited very very long. We can't do anything but apologize as of right now, we deeply regret the troubles - as you may already be aware, in the larger interest we had 4 hours to comply with the lockdown set in on the last days of March. And we haven't been able to process the orders since then. The parcels have been lying with us, waiting to be dispatched. Finally, we may be looking at some good news, it seems that we will be able to dispatch on 20th April 2020. We will update you! Thank you very much for your patience again! Thank you for all your support in such a crucial time. And please use emails to reach us for the few forthcoming days. Koochi alone has been handling everything and she will be dispatching the parcels by herself. Please have some mercy as nobody's available to take phone calls and write emails instead at care@koochiskratom.com. We read all the emails and act on them (even if you don't receive a reply right away - but this time you will since its the only available channel of communication at this moment). Again, thank you very very much for your kind understanding and patience and sticking with the lockdown in the face of immense agony of not having the right medication. Sorry, we have been failing to help you, we deeply regret it.

UPDATE 26th March 2020: As you may already be aware, COVID-19 is taking an extreme toll on all our activities. Therefore, we request your patience in the matter. While we are tiring at our level best to fulfill all the existing orders, further fulfillment remains in dark, as we have no clarity as to when we will be able to ship. In the meantime, we regretfully inform you that we can't take any more orders for now. If you have a pending order, it will be fulfilled soon - but we need your patience. Thank you very much. Hopefully, we will be able to tell you some good news soon. In the meantime, please take care of yourself and others around you. Thank you very much. And really really sorry we are failing to help you.